Jesús Bosque, Miguel Vidal y Guillermo Campo

Cine de montaña

Technical Information

    RUNNING TIME: 58 m.
    LOCATION: Greenland.
    SCRIPTWRITER: Eva Vargas, Laura Sipán and Jesús Bosque.
    MUSIC COMPOSED BY: Ojos de Brujo, Wandula, Yann Tiersen.
    ACTORS: Cecilia Buil, Roberta Nunes, Gorka Ferro, Javier Knörr



In one of the many fjords on the South coast of Greenland there is what Europeans have baptized "the Thumbnail" a granite wall a mile high, the tallest cliff in the world.

Cecilia and Roberta, two of the best mountain climbers today, prepare to ascend. They approach the wall by kayak, rowing for several days through icebergs, passing whales and seals.

Arriving at the foot of the cliff, they get ready to climb. They think it'll take one week on the wall: climbing, sleeping, working together...

If they make it, they will break a world record in what must be the longest open route climbed by women.


Presentations and Awards

  • XXII Torelló International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival. Spain. 2004. Award: “Adventure Times”
  • XXI Autrans International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival. France. 2004. Award: “Grimpeurs des Alpes”
  • Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2004. Film selected for international show.
  • XVI International Adventure Film Festival. Kolkata, India. 2004. Award: “Best Climbing Film”
  • III Wanaka Mountain Film Festival. New Zealand. 2005. Award: “Adventurous Lifestyles”
  • XXIII Dundee Mountain Film Festival. 2005. Scotland. Award: “Peoples Choice”
  • International Mountain Film Festival Domzale. 2007. Slovenia. Award: “Best Alpine Climbing Film”