Jesús Bosque, Miguel Vidal y Guillermo Campo

Cine de montaña

Technical Information

    RUNNING TIME: 44 m.
    LOCATION: Huesca. (Spain).
    SYSTEM: Betacam SP
    PRODUCTION AND DIRECTION: Guillermo Campo and Jesús Bosque
    SCRIPTWRITER: Guillermo Campo and Jesús Bosque.
    MUSIC COMPOSED BY: Juanjo Javierre.
    Ángel López “Cintero”
    Mariano Cored: Alejandro Lorés
    José María Mate: Manuel López
    Manuel Esquiroz: Alberto Bosque
    Antonio Sin: Emilio Guerra
    Driver of sidecar: Jose Manuel Ayuda
    Blacksmith: José Claver
    Víctor Carilla: David Mairal
    Ángel Serón: Agustín Abarca
    Fernando Millán: Jesús Bosque
    Woodcutter: Miguel Samitier
    Man reaping: Antonio Carasol
    Farmer: Leo Sáez
    Children: Víctor Casanova y Omar Latre
    Shepherd: Ramón Durán
    Jordi Paniella: José M. Jarrín
    A. Rosig: Miguel Hurtado
    Hayas: Ángel Tornes
    Jordi Salas: Paco Antequera
    D. Justo: José Torralba
    Alberto Rabadá: David Salinas
    Manuel Bescos: Antonio Carasol
    Ángel López “Cintero”: Pedro Monreal
    Photographer: Guillermo Campo
    NARRATOR: Tom and Christopher.
    HELICOPTER PILOT: Antonio Ruata
    SOUND STUDIO: Audio Spot
    POSTPRODUCTIÓN: CPA and Iris Producciones
    ENGLISH VERSION: Laura Moss, John Bidle´s, Kay E. Smith

The Mountains of Yesterday

The Mountains of Yesterday

During the 1930’s and 40’s nearly all the peaks of Riglos, in Spain, had been conquered; there only remained one singular pinnacle known for its capricious form as “the Cigar”, which still hadn’t been climbed.

Ascending this spire of rock represented an exceptional challenge, and the most outstanding climbers in the nation were eyeing it carefully.

The story of the conquest of this Mallo would be the most tragic of all the summits of this massif.

Presentations and Awards

    - Casino de Villagarcía Festival.  Villagarcía de Arousa, Spain. October 1998. Tercer Premio al Mejor Audiovisual
    - XVI International Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films. Torelló, Barcelona. November 1998. Best Mountain Film
    - International SportFilm Festival Ciudad de Santander. Santander, Spain. December 1998. Gold Conch Best Film. Best Spanish Film.
    - Lorca National Video Festival. Murcia, Spain. December 1998. Best Documental Film. Best Direction
    - V Video Festival Cuadrilla de Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa. Laguardia, Alava, Spain. Marzo 1999. Best Documental
    - 47 International Film Festival of Mountains and Exploration “Città di Trento”. Trento, Italy. Gold Gentian Best Film on Alpinism. April, 1999
    - 16 International Mountaineering Film Festival. Teplice Nad Metují. Chech Republic. August 1999. Special Prize of the Jury
    - 7th International Festival of Mountain Films Poprad. Poprad, Slovakia. October, 1999. Best Mountain Film
    - 24th Banff Mountain Film Festival. Banff, Canada. November 1999. Best Film on Mountain Culture
    - 11th  International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival Graz.  Graz, Austria. November 1999. Best Film Alpine Documentation
    - Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival. December 2000. Kathmandu, Nepal