Jesús Bosque, Miguel Vidal y Guillermo Campo

Cine de montaña

Miguel Vidal

Valencia, November 6, 1919 - Zaragoza, February 22, 2006

Miguel was born in Valencia, but shortly after, his parents moved to Sallent de Gallego in Huesca, where he would spend all of his infancy and where he would come in contact with the world of mountains.

As he begins his studies, he roots himself in Zaragoza where he lived the most part of his life.

In his youth, he became fond of photography, moving on to the realization of small format movies. Influenced by the movies of Luis Trenker, he specialized in making movies about mountains.

He became part of “Montañeros de Aragon”, a mountain sporting organization in which he took on various roles, including president. He was also part of the “Peña Guara” a mountain club of Huesca and collaborated with other associations and sporting activities in Aragon.

As a specialist in mountain themes and with knowledge of the Alps and Pyrenees, he also participated in expeditions to climb other Spanish mountains. He obtained three silver medals from the Aragonese Federation of Mountain Climbing.

After his participation in the International Amateur Film Festival in the city of Zaragoza, at the end of the 50's, he joined the “Club Cine Mundo” (Cine-Club Saracosta).

He directed nearly 30 films during 20 years, that gave him various prizes in amateur film festivals in France and Spain; all of which were in small format. The majority of these films are related with mountains, but there are also some about regional traditions. Today, he is considered the pioneer of mountain films in Aragon (Spain).

Until his retirement, he made his living as an official of the Military Pharmacy Service.

Some of the awards I have received

  • The Grand Prize of Honor in the Film Festival of Pau.
  • Honorable Mention in the Amateur Film Festival of Paris.
  • Prize of the Competition of Mountain Films in Madrid.
  • Silver Medal for the Amateur Film in the National Competition in Barcelona.
  • Diploma from the Competition for Mountain Films in D’Allos (France).
  • Amateur Film Prize for the movie with the most difficult realization.
  • First Prize in the Cycle of Amateur Films of Spanish Television.
  • First Prize in the International Competition of Amateur Films in Zaragoza.